IJS.Works offers organizations the fastest way to join the Blockchain future with bespoke and turn-key solutions.


"[Blockchain] is going to impact every single industry. Wherever there are intermediaries that add friction and cost to a system, and maybe some amount of risk or unreliability, that becomes an opportunity for blockchain” 

- Alex Tapscott - (Best Selling Business Author - 2018)

We are still in the initial phases of this blockchain transformation.  With IJS.Works, organizations are able to cut through the hype and complexity to be a leader in the emerging blockchain economy.


We are a Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) provider leading the charge in blockchain revolution offering the Fastest and Easiest way to build bespoke and turn-key blockchain solutions.

Our advantage comes from a ground-breaking blockchain Rapid Development Platform that supports leading blockchain protocols and simplifies the full end-end process of developing Decentralized Blockchain Applications (DApps).  

Founded by an experienced team of results-oriented IT professionals, we are the pragmatic voice providing services and solutions leveraged on the Blockchain that work. 

Bespoke Enterprise Blockchain Solutions

Build & Run your unique blockchain idea with ease as our IJS Blockchain+ infrastructure will take you from concept to results FAST.

Turn-Key Blockchain Solutions

A set of powerful Turn-Key blockchain solutions enable companies to leverage blockchain technologies with unprecedented ease and speed.

Blockchain & Crypto Advisory

Our team of blockchain and crypto experts guide you through the hype so you are able to achieve your goals.



IJS Blockchain+

More than just a new Blockchain protocol, IJS Blockchain+ aims to be the new standard for Enterprise Blockchain.   Designed for scalability and usability, IJS Blockchain+ integrates a full development environment with advanced features needed for the next generation of Blockchain applications.


World’s 1st End-End Decentralized Application (DApp) playground offering the easiest way to learn and experiment with building DApps.  Currently supporting popular Blockchain protocols like Ethereum, EOS, Stellar and IJS.Work’s own IJS Blockchain+ 

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InstaJS leverages the same Rapid Development Technology used in IJS Blockchain+ to enable bespoke enterprise cloud solutions to be built multiple times faster than through traditional approaches. 

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Our Management Team combines a passion for blockchain technologies with the practical know-how and experience of delivering real-solutions.

Tony Tam
Managing Director

Tony has a 20+ year track record of success in helping enterprises leverage technology in his roles as an senior executive and management consultant. Tony has also been an executive advisor at a leading Bitcoin exchange and has been an avid crypto enthusiast since 2013. Tony has a BEng (Summa Cum Laude) and MEng from McMaster University.

Alan Leung
Operations Director

Alan is one of the pioneers in Token Sale Advisory sector having worked in one of the leading FinTech and Blockchain providers in the world. Alan is experienced in building up teams and guiding businesses through the strategic planning, business development, product management and marketing aspects of the Token Sale Process. Alan has a BSc from the University of London and a graduate of Hong Kong’s prestigious La Salle College. 

YC Wong
Technology Director

YC is the lead developer and architect behind IJS. With over 20 years experience in software development, YC is both experienced in leading teams as well as carrying out development activities himself at a pace multiple times faster than typical developers. YC has a BSc (Computing) and MSc (Logistics) from Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Bruce Chau
Solutions Director

Bruce leads up the solutions and services for IJS and was part of the Azure Cloud OSS (Open Source Solutions) team at Microsoft. He has also served as the CTO for various startups in the gaming and HR industries with over 16 years experience delivering technical solutions for business. Bruce has a BASc from Queen’s University.